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Winberg crankshafts are known to be the most elite crankshafts made in the industry. Their crankshafts can be found in a wide range of motorsports from 11,000HP NHRA Top Fuel Dragsters, ProMod, NASCAR, IHRA, IMSA, ARCA, ABPA, Pro Pulling league Diesel trucks and MANY more! They are machined from high stregth steel alloy. Each crankshaft that they build goes through a series of computer controlled furnaces and is transferred from process to process robotically to ensure the highest standard of consistency. Winberg was the creator and innovator of the aerodynamically profiled counterweight in a production crankshaft. Unlike common knife edging, their counterweights are aerodynamically profiled to resemble a tear drop. This design has proven horsepower gains through reduced parasitic losses and reduced oil foaming. Both are advantages that translate directly to increased performance at the track.


We have partnered with Winberg to bring you the strongest billet crankshaft for the Nissan RB26DETT, they are currently available in 73.7mm or 77.7mm stroke sizes. Standard shot peaned surface or WIN micropolished surface available for an additional $500.00.

Winberg Billet Crankshaft for Nissan RB26DETT

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