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Here at Carz Performance we have a SuperFlow 880 AWD AutoDyn. AutoDyn chassis dynamometers were engineered from the ground up to be the best automotive chassis dynos available today. The SuperFlow 880 AWD AutoDyn is not your average complicated belt driven system or expensive electronically synced front and rear rolls that decrease a dyno’s accuracy and durability. Instead the SuperFlow 880 AWD AutoDyn uses strong steel drive shafts and heavy duty differentials that will not stretch or flex under load. SuperFlow engineering pays close attention to detail and consideration of every variable that ensures all of their chassis dynos are accurate and repeatable, every time, period.

  • Provides uncorrected, SAE & Sea-Level horsepower & torque readings

  • Adjustable wheelbase from 92" to 112"

  • Holds dual eddy current brakes for loaded and steady state testing

  • AEM UEGO 4-Channel wideband for measuring air/fuel and lambda      readings 

  • Outfitted with a 5-bar MAP sensor for boost readings

  • Read and plot any temperature or pressure reading

  • It accepts speeds of up to 200 mph and up to 1500 Horsepower

  • OBD-II Interface Module to read custom PID readings from the CAN-BUS  systems

Bring your vehicle to Carz Performance to get the most accurate horsepower and torque readings in the state.


Superflow Dyno, Flowbench, Dyno
Superflow Dyno, Flowbench, Dyno
***INCLEMENT WEATHER NOTICE, we will contact you if it is snowing or raining before your appointment to re-schedule. Wet tires & Steel dyno rollers make for unsafe & inaccurate dyno testing conditions.


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